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At our Art Pop-Up Exhibitions, attendees experience art in surprising, often secret, locations. We prefer alternative locations to art galleries to tease your senses...


In May 2021 we held our first, post-pandemic, exhibit. It was a small intimate affair featuring six local painters and an RSVP-only audience.  Attendees enjoyed an afternoon of art in the beautiful gardens of boutique hotel Solar de Mós in Lagos.

In May 2022 the Belmar Spa & Beach Resort hosted us for an Exhibition of three local artists. Art lovers were welcomed in an ambiance of nature sounds and tasteful catering. It was our most successful event ever here in the Algarve where many of the artworks found new loving homes.

In August 2022 we organised a solo- exhibition for MAMABIRD hosted in the centre of Amsterdam during Pride Amsterdam. Her photo-realistic paintings of old toys, then blown up and giving them an adult life with a naughty wink, are truly impactful. Overwhelming responses by our art lovers were shared all over social media, we are so grateful!

As part of Arts & Culture we were proud to present an exhibition of works by Barcelona-based artist, Dani Torrent, during Pride-Amsterdam 2023. These works celebrate the joyous bond shared between men in their most intimate moments. We sold many works for him and it became one of his best, what a blast!


We are always exploring new inspiring locations for an invitation-only Art Pop-Up Exhibition

this year and beyond!

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